EndoSan Hand Sanitiser Product Range

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Efficacy Against Coronavirus

Endosan Hand Sanitiser How It Works

EndoSan Molecule

EndoSan is a solution of Hydrogen Peroxide (H₂O₂) which is stabilised using a proprietary ionic silvery based chemistry.

EndoSan is a powerful, highly effective, broad spectrum disinfectant that is both stable and safe.

When correctly applied to water, air or any surface EndoSan will disinfect through an oxidisation process and continue to safely provide unrivaled residual performance.


EndoSan is truly biodegradable and leaves no residual in the end-product. Post disinfection EndoSan degrades into water and oxygen, substances that are found naturally.

EndoSan is chlorine and alcohol free, with no corrosive effects on usual materials of construction during application.

A typical bacterium naturally emits a negative charge. EndoSan is attracted by this charge to the site.

In catalase producing bacterium the presence of EndoSan inhibits the defence mechanism, allowing the powerful free hydroxyl radicals to attack the cell membrane.

These free hydroxyl radicals penetrate the membrane and destroy the bacterium. Once killed the bacterium no longer emits a negative charge.

EndoSan is now attracted to the next bacteria site emitting a negative charge. Silver ions re-stabilise with excess hydrogen peroxide molecules to repeat the process.