Environmental Sustainability

LCM Group believes that good environmental performance is not only a moral duty, but is fundamental to business success.

The operational management teams are responsible for ensuring this by co-ordinating implementing and reviewing our procedures, so ensuring the company’s environmental footprint, environmental aspects and impacts are managed and controlled and so maintaining the commitment to protect the environment and manage our ISO 14401 accreditation through our internal auditing process.

We are committed to adopting systems for waste minimisation and recycling, only after this consideration will responsible disposal be undertaken and only work with dedicated supply chains with robust waste management procedures.

At LCM Group we are continually looking for innovative ways to undertake our activities. We consider the implications for the understanding and stewardship of the Local, Regional, National & ultimately Global Environment.

LCM have an embedded commitment for the running of a low carbon business and low carbon projects, that play a significant part in driving the company towards and assisting our clients in achieving a greater decarbonised, energy efficient, morally compliant business.



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